Managing the complexities of today's IT systems

Successful IT management is about much more than setting up a system and fixing it when it goes wrong. Many other complex and time-consuming tasks are involved, from monitoring performance, to project management, to writing Service Level Agreements. Handling these effectively requires the right knowledge, experience and tools. At board level, IT management is also about strategy: how can you ensure that your IT needs are met over the next five years, within your budget? And how can you make sure your IT supports the wider growth and development of your business?

Bluebird's IT Management services can help you to smoothly handle all of these issues. For a decade we've worked with small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), making their IT much stronger by adding our specialist skills to their own resources. We can even attend meetings as a representative of your company. With IMEX as your IT manager, the responsibility for getting the best from your IT investment is placed in our highly capable hands.

Expert advice and solutions, from board level to the desktop

IT management can include everything from planning for the future to keeping out junk email. Fortunately, so can our services. We offer four levels of IT management, each of which can be customised to precisely meet your business requirements. Helping you make informed key decisions and plans - As your own Virtual IT Director, IMEX's strategic and technical advisory team can work with you to identify new IT opportunities, plan for the future and manage change. We can provide expert advice to key decision makers on issues such as:

  • > How to improve the performance of your business through technology.
  • > Ensuring your IT strategy supports commercial and business objectives.
  • Budgeting and planning to ensure maximum return on your IT investment..