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Home Users

PC Dial offers home user computer support and repairs, both remotely, in our workshop and in your homes. We cover everything you could need for your home PC or home network.

Helpful IT Support

Whether you are a complete computer novice or are a semi-pro there are always things that can confuse, con-fuddle and infuriate computer users. Here at PC Dial we have a customer based approach, taking the stress and hassle away from you, whilst always maintaining a professional and friendly attitude to helping you and your computers. Computers should not be a hassle, call us today for some stress free computer support.

Internet Security

We believe that any security is only as good as the people who are monitoring it. From protecting your valuable data, deterring and stopping cyber criminals to filtering what your family can see on the internet, PC Dial are here to help. PC Dial have a wide knowledge of the largest, most effective and most efficient internet security and web filtering products available. Scared that you might catch a virus, worried that your children might see something they shouldn't do on-line or simply need some advice on your next anti-virus renewal? Call us to day for some stress free IT Support.


Computers get slow and clogged up with temporary data, registry entries and cached data all too quickly. As a part of our subscription, we will clean-up your computer at least once a month, more if required. This includes doing the standard history, cookie and temporary file removal, cleaning out the registry (unwanted programs that start when you turn on your computer), de-fragmenting your hard drive and undertaking hard drive checks, as and when required. Depending on the health of your computer, a clean-up can either be done remotely or in our workshop. This normally takes between 1 to 2 hours.

At Base Support

Are your computers outdated? is the hardware slowly fading or are parts becoming too expensive to replace? We have an on-site workshop, allowing us to repair, build or set-up new or existing hardware. Meaning 99% of the time, it is ready to go to work when it gets delivered through your door. We can of course then remotely connect to the PC to set up any network settings, drives or permissions. PC Dial an extensive range of hardware repairs be it for broken laptops, computers, notebooks, netbooks or Macs.