Business User

Business Users

PC Dial offers a complete range of services to complement any small to medium sized business. From ad-hoc PAYG work to inclusive monthly support contracts, PC Dial is perfectly placed to make your IT solution stress free. Below is a list of just a few of the services we offer, for a more comprehensive list look under the solutions tab at the top of the website, or contact us.

Proactive Business IT Support

Proactive IT support is something which until recently has only been accessible to large corporations with incomprehensibly large IT budgets. The core value of proactive IT support is to continually update the operating system, third party software and security solutions on a regular basis, therefore limiting the time in which your IT systems are affected by unpatched and insecure programs.

At the heart of this IT solution is new, tried and tested software which allows us to test and then deploy patches and updates to a huge number of computers, within minutes. Whereas until recently a computer could take an hour or two a month to keep up to date, we can now remotely monitor and update an almost limitless number of computers, daily or even hourly.

In essence this means vastly reduced costs, a higher quality of IT support and constant security updates and patches, meaning your business is less likely to be subject to online threats.

Business Computer Hardware Repair

Computers do wear out over time; we will help you decide the cost effectiveness of repairing your hardware. Newer computers are often very cheaply repaired, older computers sometimes have older parts that are harder to come by and are therefore more expensive. We will analyse the problem, quote for the parts and any labour required, order the parts and undertake the work in a time frame that causes the least disturbance to your business.

The most common components to fail in a workstation are the power supply and the hard drive, although it is impossible to guarantee a hard drive will never fail, we will report to you the status of a hard drive and any corruptions or failures. Your data is your most valuable asset, therefore we will always recommend and offer backups suitable to your working environment.