About Us

Bluebird IT was set up by Holly Wingfield, to provide Client focussed, high-quality IT services.

  • Bluebird IT have a strong understanding that effective IT solutions must meet the needs of the business, based on the following principles:
  • A full understanding of the business problem is required before ascertaining how IT can help, or should be helping.
  • A good relationship with users is key to ensuring that their needs are met, and also that the solution provided is fully understood.
  • The budgetary constraints of the business need to be understood and listened to before an appropriate solution is found.
  • Bluebird IT make sure that they understand timing of implementation does not affect your business operationally.

Before setting up Bluebird IT, Holly was an IT manager for over 10 years with a Civil Engineering company. Through her work and software development experience, she developed a keen understanding of how to obtain the Business requirements and tranlate them into effective IT applications. Holly's particular strengths are requirements elicitation, user interface design and database modelling.

For more information regarding our range of IT services, please call Holly on either 0845 257 3549 / 0845 257 2135, or send us an email: enquiries@bluebirdit.co.uk.